Over 100 years of collective experience in the

video streaming and broadcast industries.


Richard Oesterreicher, Streaming Global
Richard Oesterreicher
Zunair Ukani, Streaming Global
Zunair Ukani
VP of Finance and Operations
Jonathan Hessing, Streaming Global
Jonathan Hessing
Director of Business Development
Austin Schmidt, Streaming Global
Austin Schmidt
Marketing Director
Craig Murphy, Streaming Global
Craig Murphy
Technical Product Manager
Foz Syed, Streaming Global
Foz Syed
Customer Success Manager
Chris Piccapietra, Streaming Global
Chris Piccapietra
Sales Admin
William Chapman, Streaming Global
William Chapman, Board Member
Media, Business and Technology
Ken Dopher, Streaming Global
Ken Dopher, Board Member
Finance and Operations
Tricia McGillis, Streaming Global
Tricia McGillis, Board Member
Neil Sharma, Streaming Global
Neil Sharma, Board Member
Media, Business and Technology
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