Streaming Global's Media Delivery Pipeline 

Streaming Global's pipeline is a flexible technology solution for

live, OTT, and on-demand streaming services.

Technology Features:


live latency

High quality,

reliable streaming




live-to-VOD switching

Global timeline



Modernize your ad-insertion

Optimize your customer's viewing experience with 

broadcast-like hybrid ad-insertion for the first time, with no 

buffering and no streaming interruption.

Bring viewers closer to the action

Stream up to 60x faster than conventional streaming methods

with sub-second latency, all with the synchronization of every device and every viewer to the same exact frame.

Extend the reach of your content

Rather than worrying about the costly upkeep and replication of

servers in order to scale, go direct-to-cloud with a public or 

private cloud storage provider.

How it works

By eliminating the unnecessary steps of the conventional streaming pipeline,

Streaming Global is able to achieve unmatched benefits for OTT and on-demand video.

Ingest processing is one of the costliest and time-consuming parts of the conventional pipeline

Benefits by eliminating ingest processing from the pipeline:


latency times

By moving processing to the source, there is no need for ingest processing servers in the Streaming Global Delivery Pipeline. By eliminating them, Streaming Global customers are able to achieve latency times up to 60x faster than conventional streaming methods.


visual quality

Transcoding adds one to many generations of lossy encoding. Streaming Global's solution allows for the first generation quality streams to be delivered throughout, allowing for the best possible video quality for your viewing audience.


operating cost

Ingest processing requires large amounts of maintenance, upkeep and operating cost to achieve high performance. Taking these servers out

of the pipeline allow for the ultimate advantage, more time and money towards content creation. 


The power of streaming directly to cloud storage


global scale

Cloud storage servers are the most ubiquitous and cost-effective resource of today's Internet. With public or private cloud storage servers, you can scale reliably to any size audience, any where in the world.

High speed streams

Eliminating steps in the pipeline and streaming directly to and from cloud storage servers cuts latency times to around 1 second. Streaming up to 60x faster than conventional methods, improving your customer's viewing.

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