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Streaming Global and HellaStorm Deliver 0.6 Second Latency

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

May 1, 2019 – ATLANTA: They said it couldn't be done but earlier this week experts from two Atlanta-based companies came together to demonstrate a 50x reduction in latency with streaming-as-a-service with an incredibly low sub-second glass-to-glass live latency over the public Internet. In fact, measured delay (latency) was stable at just 0.6 seconds, compared to the more typical 40 to 60 seconds of delay measure in several recent live streaming events like the Super Bowl and Final Four. This breakthrough demonstration was witnessed by a live audience at the popular Atlanta Tech Village.

“This is an exciting and important step for the streaming industry,” stated Richard Oesterreicher, CEO of Streaming Global. “Viewers demand low sub-second latency for streamed events like live sports, but the industry needs a reliable, scalable and cost effective solution to thrive and grow. We’ve never seen a solution as forward-thinking or as perfectly designed for accelerating this industry at scale as HellaStorm’s hardware-accelerated server platforms.”

How was this possible? The combination of Streaming Global’s patent-pending streaming delivery technology and HellaStorm’s patented hardware-accelerated servers provides unequalled scalability, high sustained throughput and low Total Cost of Ownership for streaming service providers who require the lowest possible latency. The solution delivers video over standard HTTP, requiring no special or custom delivery protocols, specific codecs or custom encoder steps.

Brent Yates, CTO of HellaStorm added, “Today’s demonstration is just the beginning. Streaming Global’s technology enables scalable low latency live streaming using standard cloud architecture. HellaStorm’s hardware-accelerated cloud services stack further reduces the latency and increases the ROI at scale. Together Streaming Global and HellaStorm will change the way live streaming is implemented world-wide."

Oesterreicher also says, "Sub-second latency has become a holy grail of sorts. We just demonstrated it in front of a live audience over the public Internet in a building and network we don't control.”

About Streaming Global: Streaming Global has reinvented the way live streaming is delivered making it ideal for streaming 24/7 OTT channels and live events with single and multi-stream content. The Streaming Global patent-pending technology turns any simple cloud storage server into an ultra-fast live-streaming server, without installing any additional software on the server. This enables live, OTT, social, and on-demand streaming with global scalability over existing cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and private/custom clouds, with an easy pay-as-you-go model perfect for growing an OTT business.

About HellaStorm: HellaStorm has developed patented HellaStorm-Accelerated hardware and software that fundamentally changes the economics of streaming. This revolutionary technology is focused on hyperscale data movement applications including video, IoT, and big data.

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