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Streaming Global Breaks Distance Records

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Over the last few weeks, Streaming Global delivered several on-demand streams at a record distance of over 20,000 miles. The streams were smooth as glass and played back on multiple screen types and platforms at several locations across the planet without a single POP (point of presence) in between.

Streams delivered by Streaming Global's technology during the tests reached the following mileage marks: 4,500 miles from the Netherlands to Atlanta, 7,200 miles from South Korea to Atlanta, and 9,000 miles from Chennai to Atlanta.

As part of the first test for West Africa with distribution partner DataGo Solutions a couple of weeks ago, Streaming Global demonstrated VOD (video on-demand) from the Netherlands to Lagos, Nigeria, crossing Europeand the Mediterranean Sea. Once in Nigeria, the high-quality HD 30-minute show was delivered via cellular 4G and even 3G. The stream was also delivered to Atlanta from cloud storage over 4,500 miles away, the longest known distance without a POP in between. 

According to Gbenga George, Co-Founder DataGo Solutions LLC, "The reports from all regions in Nigeria were phenomenal! We had HD quality content even on 3G infrastructure, and yet no rebuffering. Streaming Global is providing a significant reduction in infrastructure and operating cost critical for network service providers. Testing in Burkina Faso was another massive success. DataGo will start deploying this technology around Africa, starting in Nigeria. Our mission is to increase and improve streaming capabilities nationwide."

Streaming Global then set a new record, twice. First Streaming Global delivered a 30-minute VOD stream from Busan, South Korea 7,200 miles to Atlanta with just over 1 second start time. Then a short time later, the same VOD stream was delivered from Chennai, India to Hyderabad, and was also delivered to Atlanta over 9,000 miles away. The same was done from Mumbai the next day.

Streaming Global CEO, Richard Oesterreicher said, "We are so excited to deliver these flawless HD streams with zero rebuffering. We have reached the distance limit for this planet. That is as far away as we can test until the Moon or a satellite installs cloud storage."

In addition to improving the economics of live and VOD stream distribution to large audiences all over the planet, the quality of these HD streams with zero rebuffering issues are ideal for remote production and contribution streams from any distance.

About Streaming Global: Streaming Global has reinvented the way live streaming is delivered making it ideal for streaming 24/7 OTT channels and live events with single and multi-stream content. The Streaming Global patented and patent-pending technology turns any simple cloud storage server into an ultra-fast live-streaming server, without installing any additional software on the server. This enables live, linear, OTT, social, and VOD streaming with global scalability over existing cloud providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and private/custom clouds. For more information on Streaming Global, please contact:

Austin Schmidt

+1 (678) 374-3334 Ext. 101

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