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Streaming made easy

The world's fastest and most scalable media delivery technology, by design

A more modern streaming pipeline

Low Latency


faster than ever before

Reliable Scale

Any size audience,

anywhere in the world

Cut Streaming Costs

Cut streaming costs,

focus on content creation

For today's Internet

An all-in-one modern streaming technology built from the ground up,

all while maintaining the industry standards.

Going direct-to-cloud

Streaming is now simple. Streaming Global has shortened the path to success.

Eliminating Ingest Processing
Eliminating Ingest Processing

Streaming Global’s patent-pending technology enables adaptive-bitrate without the need for transcoding, improving visual quality for the viewer.

Using Cloud Storage Servers
Only using cloud storage servers

Streaming Global utilizes the most ubiquitous and cost-effective resource of today's Internet, cloud storage. This ultimately shortens the path to delivery.

Stream faster, scale reliably

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